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Welcome to this hellhole I call my personal website. Here you will find some of the real-time mental degradation, opinions, tutorials (lots of tutorials) and lots, and lots of autism. I had a very big site before and I want to keep this very short and simple nope it’s bloated again. Do not take anything I say here seriously. If you want to know more and die more inside, check my About Me.

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E-Mail: <diowo [at] waifu [d0t] club>

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Saturday, 23 March 2024 @ 12:43:10 CET

Coffee is not a drug.

Tuesday, 19 March 2024 @ 11:25:48 CET

I really like this picture for no reason in particular…


Monday, 18 March 2024 @ 20:55:43 CET

Debian is starting to annoy me, why are they shipping a ~1 year and 2 months old Python3 package, why do they waste their time maintaining an outdated Tor Daemon package that nobody will even use because it’s outdated and Tor themselves offer an apt repository!? Instead of maintaining stuff that people actually use and offering newer versions for at the least some packages, no they maintain shit the nobody cares. Maybe I’ll spergout in the future and use Arch or Gentoo on my NAS, lol.

Friday, 15 March 2024 @ 16:20:38 CET

I think one of the best things I did a few months ago was installing vanilla Debian 12 on my NAS. Before this I probably spent two years distro hopping, from TrueNAS CORE to SCALE, CORE is okay but ZFS is overkill for me and it consumes a lot of ram and it’s based on FreeBSD which is less supported, then SCALE which is basically CORE but based on Linux and held by ductape and glue, it had some garbage support for Kubernetes and it was very slow, I think I used OpenMediaVault after this which was one step closer to freedom but not yet there, the freedom that breaks the Docker shackles that were holding me back for so fucking long. The common pattern of all of these distros is that every one of them had WebUIs that encourage you to use Docker and VMs and garbage like that. I thought Docker was supposed to be easier, everyone uses it but please explain to me how do I set up transcoding on Jellyfin hosted with Docker because it’s supposed to be easy right??

I finally got it now, everything works: I can use the Web Server / Reverse Proxy that I want instead of being force to use whatever came with the WebUI, I am not forced to use a slow ass WebUI that will break eventually if I try to set up settings from the command line with SSH. I host everything bare metal and it just works. I realised this when I was playing around with VPSes, low enough on memory that I wouldn’t want to use Docker anyway. I am free now.

Sunday, 10 March 2024 @ 15:03:23 CET

I am very late to this, but I want to talk about Linus (from LTT) saying that AdBlock is “literally” piracy. It isn’t, for two reasons.

Maybe he forgot about how the HTTP protocol works: You open your browser, make a request to a server, and then it responds with the HTML which my browser parses and renders for me. The AdBlock will remove parts of this plaintext HTML file for me automatically, I could do it myself if I wanted, probably, with inspect element. Is this piracy too? I mean I could just load the fucking video on MPV, and it would strip everything, and just give me the video stream because, for now, thankfully Google hasn’t enabled DRM on their thing. He could at the least say that it is similar to piracy, not literally the same. But there’s something else that invalidates this.

But there’s are more fundamental reason why it’s not piracy. The reason is that I never, even as a child (whose friends were all speaking about YouTube and Minecraft at the time around ~2014) considered, consider or will ever consider YouTube as a real job. The money you get from it should be considered as a side hustle and a person shouldn’t be living from it. I never and will never have a problem or will care if other people use AdBlockers on my videos (if I had any). I also won’t litter my site with ads.

I don’t want to watch ads. I am not cattle, I don’t have time for this bullshit, this is probably one of the most retarded quotes I have every read in my life. AdBlockers aren’t piracy and are essential in this shithole we call the Web.