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Welcome to this hellhole I call my personal website. Here you will find some of the real-time mental degradation, opinions, tutorials (lots of tutorials) and lots, and lots of autism. I had a very big site before and I want to keep this very short and simple nope it’s bloated again. Do not take anything I say here seriously. If you want to know more and die more inside, check my About Me.

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E-Mail: <diowo [at] waifu [d0t] club>

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Saturday, 9 March 2024 @ 03:12:09 CET

Every single thing in this website is perfect to the minute detail, this is not me bragging but more like a cry for help because of the amount of self-harm I go through making sure that every single bit that I add to this site is exactly like I want it to be. I guess I’m that autistic.

I am writing this because I think I am done working on my site, at the least for now (and I hope I am because every time I want to add something it transforms into an excuse to redesign entire parts of the website).

Besides that, I have been also putting more and more JavaScript on this site which might anger some people, but I do ensure you that every bit of JavaScript has some sort of fallback, if you disable JavaScript my website will still function correctly.

I also tried to add translations this Friday to my site, but I ended giving up because my Hugo layout is already not that standard, I tried to only translate the Index and About pages, which kinda worked, but then I also wanted to have this English Microblog display on the Index page of other languages, which actually worked, but then when I tried adding the pagination and it started listing pages from other sections for some reason, which was very weird, so I gave up. Maybe some day in the future I’ll try translating these two pages into Portuguese and French, my native language and second language respectively. (Although, again, I really don’t want to start posting in other languages because it is extremely tiresome, so only About and Index would get translations).

Sunday, 3 March 2024 @ 21:56:18 CET

Not even 3 days ago I loaded some open sourceTM spyware into my website (umami) to get some analytics and I’ve noticed that my site is getting spammed in a bunch of random alt-chans by some turbo-autist retard, it’s not me and I don’t know who is doing this, because I never advertise my site anywhere. Sorry for the inconvenience I guess… Hey at the least I can datamine more people. :^)

Friday, 1 March 2024 @ 17:54:53 CET

I hate “/g/’s tech memes” or whatever other groups exist on Telegram and elsewhere, its users and posters are a bunch of obsessed fretards with no personality. Oh and the posters actually give credit to idiots on the fediverse (which is biggest meme ever lol!).


Thursday, 29 February 2024 @ 22:06:06 CET

I just made a new Webring thing for my friends! Scroll all the way down to see it.

Monday, 26 February 2024 @ 13:42:32 CET

Ok so I was testing this headless slsk client called slskd and for some weird fucking reason I wasn’t able to login using the html login form thingy with Caddy (reverse proxy) ???? Then I just disabled the html form authentication on the config and secured it only using http basic auth and it just works now. I don’t know what to expect from this client, but it’s the only headless slsk client… I think I am going to make a tutorial for this later.


2   authentication:
3     disabled: true


1slsk.konakona.moe {
2    basicauth * {
3        diowo <your hash>
4    }
5    reverse_proxy localhost:5030
6    encode gzip