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About Me

I am a 19m “white brazilian” living in a pod I mean apartment in the shithole known as Western Europe. I speak 3 languages: Portuguese, French and English. I am terminally online and I make no effort in “tech minimalism” because I genuinely think it’s just another meme Linux neck beards like jacking themselves off about. I like doing random shit on the internet, watching a just bit of anime and playing video games and just hanging out with people online. This site is about tech so here’s something about it: I fucking despise Docker, specially those who recommend it to beginners. I have been using a computer since 2009 when I were 4 but was probably introduced to the internet a few years back, watching the slop (crazy frog lol) of the era. I’ve become “good with computers” (as in not a complete retard) in 2020, however.

Things that I like in no particular order or strength


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