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Operating Systems

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Windows is a Toy OS meant for retards and normies whose only redeemable thing is the fact that it is easier to play video games on. Doing any actual work on Windows fucking sucks, so many youtubers whine about their Adobe Premiere or something crashing, and it’s become a huge cuck OS that will now whine about your muh carbon emmissions… IT’S NOT MY FUCKING JOB TO MAKE SURE MY ENERGY IS CLEAN JUST BUILD MORE NUCLEAR REACTORS YOU FUCKING RETARDS HOLY SHIT. Oh, watch them attach your power consumption to your government ID in the future! (But hey that will never happen because it’s of course an evil “conspiracy theory” and everyone knows that they are always wrong…🥺🥺). It really went pretty downhill since Windows XP and 7 :'(


MacOS is a commercial UNIX operating system made for complete idiots (at the least it is UNIX THOUGH), I have never used MacOS daily but it’s probably way better than Windows in doing actual work.

Linux is a free OS that makes it actually fun to use a computer, it’s the best for personal use if you accept its shortcomings, with enough tinkering pretty much anything is possible at this point really… I really love it, it’s fun to use my computer again.

OpenBSD is a cuck operating system meant for pretentious assholes that think “Linux is too popular”. They are constantly whining about systemd and minimalism, but it sucks on desktop and NOBODY FUCKING CARES STFU, idk why anyone would use it. This cuck operating system is only probably really only used as firewalls from my limited knowledge.

The current logo for OpenBSD doesn’t fit in.

Fortunately, soyteens at the sharty already proposed for a new logo. I invite you to send this new logo to their mailing list. Please actually don’t LOL

FreeBSD same as OpenBSD but good for ZFS I guess.

Thanks for listening to my ted talk!!!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2023

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